It’s Not Always About Sex

Let us share a weird fact about being human, there are built in attractions for some things in this world, yes humans are attracted automatically to things in the world for example: some males are attracted to females and some males find other males attractive (simple example right?) there is an observation usually people are attracted to letters too for instance: some catches the letter B quickly (even if you show them all alphabets they ‘b’ will catch their sight first) same is the letter X imagine why they always label “porn movies as XXX”. By the way actual meaning of XXX is hugs and kisses.

Usually such discussions are targeted to men only, this one too will target men but in a different way, so all the guys out there are all ears. Belief it or not? It’s not always about sex, be mature may be she needs something else right now, may be something more caring, more pleasing, more soft; remember sex is also a mind game guys! Don’t be a pervert please! According to IBIS world, there are more than 20,000 therapist and spas in the USA which possess female clientele who spend hours there. The truth is actually females receives erotic and sensual massage Sydney CBD more than males. This is so true that massages are seductive and to get that spicy lover in mood and ready for the action it is high time for males to think like females:

Sensual massage guys! It’s not just a term it’s a whole encyclopedia of her mind, read it and wins her! Sensual massage can be labeled as foreplay (procedure to turn her on).  It actually makes a guy’s job pretty easy to relax his partner in bed way before in mind than on the bed sheet. Sensual massage include body reading the signs which actually her body gives during pleasure, try to read those signatures, for sensual massage there are some points which one cannot ignore to treat: breasts, nipples, behind the neck, lower back, inner thighs, butt and shoulders. Some of the parts most of us already know, but here the trick is to treat her inner thighs;  a sensual massage is actually done for the purpose of arousal, put some oil and rub her inner thighs and watch for the signs her body is giving; for example: her nipples will start arousing (getting hard body signs are not specifically related to males only) or/and goose bumps. Second most important and uncommon place for her pleasure is behind her knees, that’s right As the name suggests sensual massage provides soft touches and rubs on the body with the body (don’t forget to remove the clothes yours and hers too).

Guys, it’s not always about sex in the bed there is a bonding related to sex and it’s definitely not just lust. The words of wisdom: try to target your partner’s satisfaction in bed and see the difference in life. Intercourse it’s just a tip of an iceberg, whereas having good sex is something beyond all this and includes a lot more than just sensual massage. Check this link to find out more details.